Watch that Balance Sheet

April is a great time in Bangalore, it is the turn of season from the warmest time of the year to early signs of the monsoon to come. There is tension in the air, and an anticipation for the rains to begin. What makes April better? The start of a new financial year, and the barrage of activities around it. And who is our best friend in April every year? Our Auditors, of course! 

At Bangalore Watch Company™, we love telling stories. Besides the watch collections which have their own backstories, what makes our jobs fun is our interactions with you – the BWC watch owner. Our watches begin their journeys not in our HQ but on your wrist. 

We are proud to have many Finance professionals in the owners’ community. Many of them have serious jobs managing numbers, but also have a fun-side to them. They like watches with a splash of colour, or ones the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously – like our Cover Drive. 

This April, we’re celebrating Finance professionals in our owners’ community. We’ve tried to showcase some of our watches as they would be used. Presenting, “From the auditor’s desk” - a collection of images and stories curated to celebrate some of the best people that we’ve met in our journeys in watches. Here's to you! 

Scene 1: Wrath of the balance sheet.  

What is so entertaining about a balance sheet? It has numbers, and it also has colours. Some are in Red, others in blue, and some in green. If you’re an accounting professional they can be so inviting. If you aren’t, you’ll stay far from one. Here, we’re imagining a few of our colourful dials with an equally colourful balance sheet on a desk. Does this compute?

Presented here is our Outfield from the Cover Drive collection celebrating Indian cricket.

Presented here is a caseback of our Cover Drive collection celebrating Indian cricket. A right hand batsman plays a shot to the covers in our 3D engraved caseback.

Scene 2: Bank reconciliation. Ever? 

Bank reconciliation is a tough, dizzying, and complicated process of accounting. So dizzying, that you need a companion that makes you want to look up sometimes. Be it our Apogee, or our MACH 1, we’re showcasing a collection of watches that help you take your mind off the BRC for a little bit. Take a break, and come back. It’ll all fall in place. Or will it? 

Presented here is The Horizon from our Apogee collection celebrating 50 years of the Indian Space program. The Horizon is designed after what you possibly see from a Low Earth Orbit in space.

Presented here is our Officer's Blue iteration fo the MACH 1 Collection. This blue is inspired by the No.6 Summer uniform of Indian Air Force officers.

Scene 3: We are beating expectations. 

Snow is falling said one stockbroker. “Sell Snow, Sell Snow now!” yelled the other. If you’re working in the markets, it can be stressful. If you aren’t, it is sheer entertainment. In either case, we’ve put together a collection of our watches that bring some cheer as you watch the tickers go up or down. Which way would you go? 

Presented here the Aviator dial variant in a Stealth fighter case. This is from our MACH 1 collection.

Presented here is the Men in Blue from our Cover Drive collection.