If it wasn’t for them…

Mercy and I often talk about the people behind the brands in the independent watch scene that inspire us; many names come by, each for their own ability to craft a niche in the independent world - things that we have come to admire. So here goes:

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What is your wristwatch-IQ?

Starting now, we'll be posting a series of articles aimed to elevate all of our wristwatch-IQs. We'll start with basics that form the foundation of understanding what goes into wristwatches, and hopefully get more people to appreciate fine watches and the art of making them.

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DiscoverWebmaster BWC
Reimagining fine watches, for India.

We left behind our tech careers in Hong Kong to move back home and create Bangalore Watch Company.Indian gentlemen today have a refined taste. You, your friends, or your significant other are upwardly mobile, well-traveled, well-read, and increasingly aware of where and how everything you use gets made, be it your suits, your bags, your whiskeys, or your watches.

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