Story of the MACH 1 - the Design.


In a previous story, we discussed what pilot watches are and the distinct characteristics of pilot-styled watches.

The design of the MACH 1 is that of a modern pilot watch.

The design of the MACH 1 is that of a modern pilot watch, intentionally departed from the style of German fliegers. However, there is a deliberate attempt to stick with the brand’s philosophy of understated, subtle, and not over-the-top designs.

The standout features of the MACH 1 collection are:

  • Indian Air Force fin-flash near the 9H position.

  • MiG 21 fuselage inspired (long and narrow) handset.

  • MiG 21 afterburner nozzle inspired crown.

  • Deeply engraved caseback artwork with 3 MiG 21s in a V formation.

Arabic numerals printed in multiple layers of C3 Super-luminova makes for excellent visibility and a crazy bright lume. Standard Flieger-watch characteristics like the triangle at 12H on a matte black dial with color-matched day and date wheels add finishing touches.

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