MACH 1 Gen 2.0

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The MACH 1 collection is currently sold out, it will return in a Gen 2.0 iteration in February 2022. There will be a few changes to the collection:

40mm Case + 20mm Lugs

The MACH 1 moves from its current iteration of a 42mm case to a more compact 40mm size. This allows us to make the MACH 1 platform future-proof to accommodate other complications in the future.

This move will be combined with a change of lug-to-lug dimensions of 46mm and a lug width of 20mm. This improves wearability vastly for a watch of MACH 1's style while also increasing strap versatility across the BWC catalogue. Our Cover Drive collection has 20mm straps, and so does our Apogee collection. With a move to 20mm, the MACH 1 achieves strap interoperability with the entire BWC line-up.

This move will also be accompanied by a visible change to case finishing. While the Gen 1.0 had uniform brushing across the case - what one may call an industrial look - the Gen 2.0 line will have more chamfers, that allow for polished edges, sides and bezel sections. This vastly improves the wrist presence of the watch.

Time and Date

Gen 2.0 will carry a time + date complication with a Swiss movement, instead of the current Gen 1.0 time + date + day. This is mainly due to the reduction in dial diameter and case dimensions. The date window will also move to a 6H position to improve dial symmetry.

Leather Strap

Gen 2.0 will also move to a leather-strap setup due to concerns about the longer break-in time for the Cordura straps. We've received positive feedback for the oil-pulled genuine leather straps from the Cover Drive collection, and we're exploring similar options for the MACH 1. Like the current Gen 1.0 watches, Gen 2.0 will also support waterproof nylon straps in multiple colours like Tezpur Green, Jaisalmer Khaki, Nicobar Blue, and Farkhor Black straps, all in a 20mm lug-width.


Expected launch: February 2022.

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