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Choices are bad:

He loves watches, he spends every waking minute obsessing about them. How you wish you could tell us all about how he ruined that date talking about his newest obsession. We've seen them all; admittedly we're one of them. As much as we love wristwatches, we understand the exercise of making choices is always the tough one. Are you making a choice on his behalf? Oh, now you're in a tough spot.

Gift Cards aren't:

What if we told you, you could still give him the gift of time, but let him make his choices? Sounds good, right? Presenting: BWC Gift Cards - our physical, prepaid gift card that can be redeemed for full value at the time of purchase from our website. Use it on watches or accessories, no restrictions, and no expirations.

How to use them:

Choose the value of your gift and make the purchase, we'll ship you a physical card that you can present. A redemption code is printed on the back of our card that can be used at the time of check-out to redeem the full value of the card. These cards are one-time use only, balances aren't carried forward.

One size doesn't fit all:

We've provided denominations of INR 5,000/-, INR 10,000/-, and INR 20,000/-. If you'd like to gift a card with a different denomination, reach out to us and we'll help you out.

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