"A desire to acquaint the world with fine watches of Indian origin"


the brand

Bangalore Watch Company™ produces world-class watches that tell stories from India.

It was founded out of a desire to acquaint the world with fine watches of Indian origin. It is built upon a fundamental premise that today’s upwardly mobile, well-traveled, well-read, fashion-forward gentry isn't compelled by the perceived generational necessity to keep up only by buying that latest new phone or a smartwatch.

We have a notion that true excellence isn't fuelled by flaunting an accessory with an Italian or French name and mass produced from catalogs, rather a search for deeper meaning in the acquisition, understanding the craft and the craftsmanship, seeking out the stories, and value for the timeless.

We're headquartered in Bangalore, India the home of many watchmakers from India's past, and there's no better way to identify ourselves by having our city's name in our brand.


"World-class watches, limited numbers"

The Promise

We produce world-class collections of timepieces in limited numbers, and bring them to you directly online. We always source the best components we can find. And there is always direct and honest customer service.



"Industry outsiders, left behind tech careers to start BWC"

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The Founders

We are husband and wife team Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj that have called Bangalore home for over fifteen years.

Fascinated by the world of fine watchmaking during our time spent in parts of Asia, we returned home leaving behind our tech careers in Hong Kong to start an Indian origin fine watch brand in early 2017.

A combined two decades of technology experience spanning sales, quality assurance, solutions design, and strategy along with an eye for personal fashion allowed us to quickly pivot into the microbrand watch industry.

We are industry outsiders, and we're proud of the fact.

After over a year of learning the trade, scouting for the best suppliers, design & prototyping, we launched our debut the Renaissance Automatic in Spring 2018.