1.0 Our brand promise

Providing you with nothing short of a superlative ownership experience is one of our brand promises, so we've put together a simple warranty policy that protects your interest as the owner of a BWC watch.

Unlike most battery powered quartz watches, automatic watches have hundreds of moving parts. The movement of your watch beats 3 times faster than your heart, and that means they have their own character, quirks, and will need the occasional servicing. We won't promise there will never be an issue with your watch. If there is one, we promise you are in great hands! 

Are you with us so far?

2.0 Our warranty, in simple English

Two years
We put together, pack, and ship your watch from our Bangalore facility with utmost care. So, when you purchase a watch from us, we guarantee that it is free of any manufacturing defects. If any issues come up due to a manufacturing defect during your ownership, we will cover the cost of repair or provide a replacement of the component for a period of two years from the month of delivery of your watch.

Straps not covered
Our leather straps are built with the same care and attention as our watches. However, the wear and tear on leather depends on the usage, and weather. Our warranty does not cover straps.

Not transferrable
The warranty of your watch is non-transferable. If you hand down your watch to someone in your family or transfer your watch ownership to a friend, the warranty does not carry over. Our warranty is tied to your ownership of the watch.

No replacements
This is a repair-warranty and not a replacement-warranty. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will do everything in our power to repair the watch and bring it back to perfect working condition, but we will not offer a replacement.

No refunds, No returns
In the event that your watch requires one or more repairs or service interventions during its warranty period due to manufacturing defects, our warranty policy does not entail you a refund or return. We will do everything in our power to repair the watch and bring it back to perfect working condition, but we will not offer a return or refund.

No unauthorised repairs
The warranty of your watch will be void if the watch is handled by a BWC unauthorised service technician.

3.0 Inspection and repair charges

Our service centres are small setups with 1-2 watchmakers. To guarantee high levels of quality and make the process equitable to everyone, we charge a small fee for repair inspections. This fee is INR 1,600 for India and USD 25 for overseas repairs.

If we identify the repair as in-warranty due to a manufacturing defect, we will waive the inspection fee. However, we will bill you the inspection fee and additional component and repair fees if the repair is considered out-of-warranty.

4.0 Out-of-warranty repairs

We know you take care of your watches, but things happen! You may accidentally drop the watch, nick it against that door handle, hand it to a not-so-careful friend after a few drinks, or worse, forget to lock the crown before your swim. We'll cover these repairs, replace any parts, and return your watch to you in top shape. But these would be considered out-of-warranty repairs and will be charged. As soon as we inspect your watch, we will let you know if the repair is in-warranty and estimated repair fees if it isn't. We'll proceed with the repair only after you approve the charges.

5.0 Four-year service interval

Your watch will require a full service once every four years. We check your watch for the case's physical defects, timekeeping accuracy, and water-tightness integrity in this service.

As a general guideline, this service will cost you no more than 10% of the price of your watch. A regularly serviced watch will last you a lifetime! We do not charge any inspection fee when you send your watch in for your four-year service.

6.0 Service centres

Our service centres are in Bangalore, London, and New York City. We continue to expand our worldwide service network. Write to us if you'd like to know about a service centre in your city.

7.0 Shipping your watch to and from us

If we determine that your watch needs to be brought into our service centre, you will cover the shipping cost to send the watch to us, and we will cover the return shipping cost. We will not arrange a pickup of the watch from you, you will ship the watch to the closest service centre per our advice.

8.0 Duration of repairs

Because we work with small service centres with 1-2 watchmakers, the required inspection time is one week from the date of receipt of your watch, and repair time is three weeks. In cases where we need to reorder components from our movement manufacturers, repair timelines will be longer. 

9.0 Communication during repairs

We're a small team. We take a lot of pride in and enjoy staying small and building a relationship with you. However, we are unable to provide you daily updates on repair and service status. We are unable to provide you updates via WhatsApp, calls, or text messages. We will give you updates via email when we receive the watch and then when the watch is ready to be sent back to you. We will also provide you an update via email if we need you to authorise a repair.

10.0 Recurring repairs

If we perform a repair on your watch, we will provide a repair warranty for 30 days from when the watch is sent back to you. If there is a recurring problem on your watch, it should show itself within 30 days of the watch being returned to you after performing a repair. If the problem does not surface for 30 days after return of the watch to you, we will consider the repair-job as closed.

11.0 Contacts us

If your watch is in need of service, start the repair/service process by contacting us through hello@bangalorewatchco.in. We'll write back to you within 48 hours.

Keep a photocopy of the original invoice and warranty card handy. Locating the manufacturing batch is important, and we'll not be able to do so without the invoice and warranty card.

Provide us with as much information as you can. Simple things like how often you wear the watch, how you store it when unworn, how often you wind it etc., are very helpful in our diagnosis. What may appear trivial to you may be critical in identifying what may have gone wrong with the watch.