The Purpose

Wear a story on your wrist

Wristwatches are entirely unnecessary. They serve no utility beyond merely performing a clinical function that your car-clock, microwave, washing machine, and the ubiquitous cell phone does. Sometimes, more accurately than your mechanical wristwatch. Wristwatches are an object of emotional connection - whether it be one that celebrates a story or one that marks a special occasion, we suggest you don't wear a watch, but a story. All our watches tell inspiring stories from India. We hope there is one, or a few, for you.

Our Quality

It Will last you a lifetime

A high-quality automatic watch lasts many years. Besides the romance of knowing that your watch doesn't need a battery ever, a reliable wristwatch looks and feels the part. We only design and build watches that we would wear ourselves, with the highest quality components - sapphire crystals, surgical steel, and Swiss automatic movements - because we want you to spend a lifetime with it.

Your Experience

We take it personally

Our watch-wearing preferences changed with time. We know yours will too. Your lifestyle changes will need your watches to adapt. From the moment you call to enquire about a watch or a post-purchase service, we work hard to provide you only with the best purchase and ownership experience. A strap change, warranty-work, or an imminent drop, your every interaction is a delight. Talk to our team, and you'll know it is not a bluff.