The popular worldview of India is of elephants, snake-charmers, exotic gods, and oriental motifs. Ours on the other hand, is of space exploration, advanced computing, and our women flying fighter planes. Founded in Bangalore - India's watchmaking ground-zero, we are committed to producing world-class products that tell stories inspired by our 21st century view of India. Since 2018, Bangalore Watch Company™ has built a quiet but enthusiastic following worldwide.

All our watches are designed, engineered, and assembled in Bangalore with utmost care. We don’t want you to wear a watch, instead wear a story that you can connect with and create fond memories.

We are husband and wife team Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj, Bangalore is our home. Fascinated by the world of fine watchmaking worldwide, we returned home leaving behind our careers to start an Indian-origin watch brand in 2018. We are outsiders to the watch industry, we are proud of the perspectives we bring from our diverse experiences. Since our beginning in 2018, we've put together a small, talented team in Bangalore that works hard to make your ownership special.