The Brand, the Promise, and the People behind BWC.

"Stories inspired by our 21st century view of India."

The popular worldview of India is of elephants, snake-charmers, exotic gods, and oriental motifs. Ours on the other hand, is of space exploration, renewable energy, advanced computing, and our women flying fighter planes. Founded in India's watchmaking ground-zero, we are committed to producing world-class products that tell stories inspired by our 21st century view of India, with a dose of mid-century nostalgia. We've long yearned for someone else to create a brand thats stands for it all, only to pickup the baton ourselves. Each of our collections is designed and assembled in Bangalore.

"World-class watches, world-class service."

We produce world-class collections of watches and accessories in limited numbers, and bring them to you directly online. We always source the best components we can find. And there is always direct and honest service.

"Industry outsiders, left behind tech careers to start BWC."

We are husband and wife team Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj that have called Bangalore home for over fifteen years. Fascinated by the world of fine watchmaking during our time spent in parts of Asia, we returned home leaving behind our tech careers in Hong Kong to start an Indian origin fine watch brand in early 2017. A combined two decades of technology experience spanning sales, quality assurance, solutions design, and strategy along with an eye for personal fashion allowed us to quickly pivot into the microbrand watch industry. We are industry outsiders, and we're proud of the fact! After over a year of learning the trade, scouting for the best suppliers, design & prototyping, we launched our debut the Renaissance Automatic in early 2018.