MACH 1 x ABlogtoWatch

Ariel Adams at ABlogtoWatch spends a week with the MACH 1 Pilot watch and pens down his thoughts in this detailed hands on review. Catch the full story here on ABlogtoWatch. Featured in the review are the MACH 1 in a Steel Case with a Civilian Dial, and a Stealth Fighter Case with an Aviator Dial.

"What I most appreciate about the Bangalore Watch Company MACH 1 is that it is a celebratory watch (of the IAF) but created like a tool watch. It imagines itself as a product that would have been worn by actual MiG 21 Type 77 pilots, inspired by history’s large assortment of military and professional pilot watches. The dials are clean, the faces are legible, and the wearing experience is conservative and sensible. The aesthetic is slightly retro, but there is a fair bit of “timelessness” to the look which should comfort those buyers wondering if they will still want to don the piece on their wrist years down the road."