What do you mean by fine watch company?

Can you clarify what you mean by a 'fine-watch company?'. Asked someone we had just met. We went about explaining what a fine watches are, why they're unique, and how they're made. What stood out in that conversation was the fact that this individual was smart, educated, traveled, and could tell the difference between a Negroni and a Manhattan. Something was amiss.

She could tell the difference between a Negroni and a Manhattan.

We feel strongly about the lack of watch-education in India, we've expressed our opinion about how an average person knows more about mobile phone internals or LED televisions and less about what makes for excellent watches. Running a brand is draining, especially when we're juggling many hats between the two of us. As passionately as we may feel about lack of watch education, we haven't been able to get out much to try and impart what we've learned, and (selfishly so) turn more people over to this beautiful world of fine watches.

When the team at India Luxury Week, Ahmedabad reached out to us with a proposal to conduct a Fine Watchmaking Masterclass, we jumped at it. The idea of India Luxury Week is a by-invite-only, experiential shopping and learning event where the hosts curate brands. Our masterclass had about 25 people, and we talked about this:

  1. Origin of quartz watches.

  2. Timekeeping before the quartz era.

  3. Basics of mechanical watch functioning.

  4. Why fine watches are special.

  5. What to look for when you buy your first nice (read: expensive) watch.

We would call this a Fine Watches 101, and not a real Masterclass. But the audience was just right for this content. They were a great crowd, listened intently, and many walked up to us after and said the session helped them to see wristwatches in a different light. Mission accomplished!

Guests said we helped them to see wristwatches in a different light.

Guests also had the opportunity to try out the Renaissance Automatic and Renaissance Stri collections.

This event was a reminder of our commitment to bring fine watches to India, and the fact that we couldn't do it unless more people learn about why fine watches are unique. We plan to do more of these events in the future.

Would you like to host one of our classes?

We're all ears.