What is the source of the INS Vikrant material? 

When the INS Vikrant was scrapped in 2014, Mumbai-based Arzan Khambatta was commissioned to create a sculpture using material from the scrapped warship. The sculpture now sits in Mumbai’s Lion Gate. In 2023, Arzan Khambatta, Hefty Art, and Bangalore Watch Company™ come together to pay tribute to the INS Vikrant R11. A small portion of the scrapped INS Vikrant R11’s Anchor Chain was provided by Arzan Khambatta for the project which then was converted to dials through a meticulous manufacturing process by Bangalore Watch Company™. For this collaboration, Arzan Khambatta is also creating 5 unique sculptures that will use material from the INS Vikrant R11.

What part of the MACH 1 Admiral watch uses material from the INS Vikrant? 

Watch dials are usually made of brass. The watch dials used in the MACH 1 Admiral come from Hardened British Steel that has been turned into watch dials. The Steel comes from the Anchor Chain of the INS Vikrant R11. 

Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity with the watch? 

Each watch will be accompanied by a Digital NFT. The Digital NFT will act as proof of authenticity, and ownership of the watch. 

Is the INS Vikrant material prone to rusting or oxidation? 

The material is not prone to rusting, but it is prone to oxidation. However, the material has been subject to electroplating and painting and is inside hermetically sealed cases that are watertight to 100 Meters. The likelihood of rusting or oxidation is extremely low. 

What is a Digital NFT?  

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of a specific item, in this case the MACH 1 Admiral on the blockchain. 

How can I use it for validating the authenticity of the watch?  

Each watch is associated with a unique blockchain-based NFT, containing immutable details like owner's name/wallet address, serial number, brand, and production date. Customers can verify legitimacy by scanning NFC/QR code on the watch box to ensure real-time authentication. 

What happens if I sell the watch to someone else in the future?  

In the event of a sale, the seller would transfer the ownership of the NFT along with the watch to the buyer. This is achieved through a straightforward process on the blockchain, known as a token transfer. The seller initiates the transfer from their digital wallet to the buyer's wallet, ensuring that the NFT now represents the new owner's ownership rights to the watch.

How/Where will I store my digital NFT? 

Your digital NFT will be securely stored on the Ethereum network. While the NFT itself resides on the blockchain, you will be able to view and interact with it on the CrossMint Platform wallet which is integrated with the HEFTY.art platform. Ensuring convenient access and visibility to your valuable digital asset. 

What is the process of minting the NFT? 

The process of minting an NFT is straightforward. To claim the NFT, collectors can scan the QR code in the box or navigate to the link where they must enter their email and the voucher code shown in the box. Once this is done, the NFT will be minted and securely transferred to the collectors wallet, ensuring proof of ownership and authenticity for their valuable timepiece. 

Do I have to pay anything additional for minting the NFT? 

No, you do not have to pay anything additional for minting the NFT. The minting and transfer of the NFT are completely free of charge. 

What is the KYC process required for minting the NFT?  

There is no KYC process required to mint the NFT. We do collect emails in the case we need to contact you and to support the NFT minting flow. 

Who is the wallet provider of the NFT? 

The wallet provider for the NFT is "Crossmint”. Through Crossmint, users can securely store, view, and interact with their NFTs, ensuring easy access and management of their valuable digital assets.