Watches inspired by the Indian Air Force

Your collection needs a Pilot watch, and the MACH 1 is our proposition. The MACH 1 Collection pays tribute to an iconic fighter-plane that served the Indian Air Force for five decades. This collection presents a compelling set of aviation styled watches for your collection.



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In December 1973, enemy air force launched pre-emptive attacks on Indian Air Force bases in the East and West. The MiG 21 Type 77 put on an Air Superiority umbrella so fierce that the enemy aircrafts were grounded shortly. The MiG 21 Type 77 was the first supersonic fighter jet of the IAF and served for five decades protecting Indian skies, until retirement in 2013.

The Collection

MACH 1 is a Swiss Automatic movement powered pilot-styled watch. This is perhaps the first watch to be dubbed the 'Indian pilot watch'. Built with high-quality materials, and with several design details that are a nod to history, the MACH 1 watches present a compelling proposition for a sporty watch with an incredible backstory.